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Top SEO Trends Dominate 2016 for Magento website

Wondering what SEO trends which dominate 2016? Don’t worry. Here, we bring to you an exclusive article on the hottest SEO trends and developments that are set to rock the world in the year ahead. Have a look!

Manufacturer’s Descriptions

Add something new to the description of your goods, and you will get better rankings. We strongly recommend you to avoid copying content from other website. Spend additional time (or money) on rewriting product descriptions.

Image Alt Tags

Image “alt” tags can be used in search engine optimization of your Magento website. Google relies on the content from alt tags to define, what is on the page (mostly images). That’s why it is important to create small descriptions in the “alt” property in order to improve SEO.

Link Building

The right link building strategy will significantly improve SEO optimization of your Magento store. Also don’t forget about cross linking within your website.

Utilize Popular Products Right

Use your homepage to display popular products. It concerns products popular on the market, as well as within your store. This will help engage your returning visitors immediately.

Make Discontinued Products Work on You

Chances are, that some products from your e-commerce website no longer exist. But don’t hurry up to delete their product pages. Instead, redirect your visitors from old pages to new ones by using server 301 redirect code. This way, you will preserve all your page ranks , so don’t make obvious mistakes by deleting this useful content.

What Should I Do with 302 Redirects?

While 301 redirect is a real SEO savior, 302 redirect is a harmful one, since it doesn’t pass any link juice to the new page (301 does). Thus, you lose traffic and rankings, if you use 302 redirect for certain pages of your Magento store. Use it with compare links, wishlist links, geolocation, and currency switch links. Visit this page to find out more about 302 redirect.

Good Navigation

When a random user visits your Magento store from search engine page, but goes back to perform another query, he provides negative impact on your rankings. The core reason of such behavior is navigation. Provide your visitors with proper user experience, and you will prevent your Magento SEO from this negative impact. Magento 2 Shop by Brands helps you upgrade better navigation when your store have tons of products from different brand and make it easy for visitors to find the desired products within your store.

Clean  Your URLs from Store Codes

With default configurations, Magento adds store codes to URLs. This unique identifiers are good for locating products within your database, but they are inappropriate in URLs. Disable store codes by setting “Add Store Codes to URLs” to “No.” Go to the Configuration menu, select Web, then Search Engine Optimization – you will see the appropriate option there.

Right Keywords

Different keywords provides different influence on the effectiveness of optimization. Some of them are more “buying” than others. Pay your attention to this important nuance, and you will be able to gain more from your Magento website.

Get More from Rich Snippets

With the help of rich snippets, you will be able to integrate different HTML5 components into your products, improving their SEO. For example, ratings and reviews, integrated into products, appear in search engine results and provide you with competitive advantages over other e-commerce websites (it should be five-star ratings).

Enhance SEO with the Help of Security

Use SSL certificates to provide both customers and search engines with a sense of security. Check our Magento Security Ultimate Guide to find out how to use SSL.

Robots.txt File

It is extremely important to make a custom robots.txt file. All e-commerce stores are different, so generic robots.txt file is unacceptable. We strongly recommend you to check it through Google Webmaster Tool before using it on a web store.

Stay Mobile Friendly

If you have an audience of mobile users, then you should provide them with a mobile friendly version of your Magento store. According to Google’s policy, websites with responsive design (or with mobile version) get better rankings in mobile search. Check our posts about Mobilegeddon and Responsive Design for the better understanding of the problem.

King of Social Networks

Utilize the power of Social Networks. You will not only improve your SEO, but will get lots of new buyers. Please note, that Facebook and Twitter are two driving forces of your sales. You just have to use them right.
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