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How to Protect Your Magento 2 Security?

As we know, a secure e-commerce website plays an important part when you have an online store, it directly influences on the success or fail of your purchase. This tutorial will show you some tips help you to improve the Magento 2 security and prevent magento security issues without any cost !

Magento Security Checklist: How to protect your Magento 2 Security?

Choose believable Hosting provider 

This is very important because you will own a high-security website with the supporting from high-security hosting provider. You must also ensure that this hosting provider own a secure software development which is suitable for your website. In addition, you should run your site over https rather than http because it makes your site safer and your rank in Google increased.

Secure environment

Your Magento 2 website certainly will runs smoothly with the secure environment. Therefore, you should protect your environment carefully. Below are some solutions for a safe environment:
  1. Update all the software and apply patches as when recommended
  2. Ask the hosting provider for helping to delete all the unnecessary software on the server
  3. Just use secure communications protocol like SSH, SFTP or HTTPS to manage files
  4. Use a password as safest as you can and change it periodically
  5. Fix any issues which are reported for software components used by your Magento installation as you see the caution
  6. Use the private keys for transferring data and make the deployment process automatically
  7. Set the access limitation for the Magento Admin
  8. Don’t install extensions directly on a production server
  9. Use two-factor authorization for Admin logins
  10. Limit required outgoing connections
  11. Analyze traffic and discover suspicious point
  12. Secure the computer that used to access the Magento Admin
  13. Perform all the recommendations above to own a clear environment
Improve Magento 2 security

Magento 2 is the latest version from Magento with the best security patches so you don’t worry about Magento 2 installation. However, you should improve the security by configuring the security for configuration settings, password and ongoing maintenance. And some other things you should do are:
  • Replacing the default “admin” or the often-used “backend” by a unique, custom Admin URL
  • Blocking access to any development, staging or testing systems
  • Using a correct file permissions
  • Using a strong and unpredictable password for Magento Admin. Remember that don’t use a password relate to your personal information
Don’t be taken for a ride
Having a careful consideration before deciding to install any extensions or click on an ad.

Particularly prepare for suddenly problems
  • Improve your recovery continuity plan
  • Test the backup regularly to ensure that it can be restored
  • Operate with your hosting provider to create a professional database backup solution
Check for signs of attack

You should check for signs of attack regularly. One of the most popular signals is that your system is not immediately patched after a major security breach. In this case, you can do others like:
  • Check the Admin actions Log for suspicious activity
  • Use automatic log review tools
  • Review server logs for suspicious by asking the co-operation from your hosting provider
  • Use a file and data integrity checking tool to receive notification of any potential malware installation
  • Check all system logins
Recover the disaster based on your plan if appearing problem

When creating a website, you certainly build a recovery plan for suddenly problems. If the Magento 2 security has any problem, you just need to follow exactly the plan you setup before.

It’s all about tips for a security Magento website. Follow all steps above, you can decrease the risk of attacking and own a strong website. Hope that this post is helpful for you.
Thank for reading!

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